On the eighteenth, 507 new instances of Covid contamination (COVID-19) were included Korea. The quantity of affirmed cases has diminished marginally contrasted with last week, recording 500 individuals for three days straight. Albeit the combined number of first-line antibody beneficiaries has surpassed 14 million, the scourge has not yet been stifled.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters declared that by 00:00 on the eighteenth, the aggregate number of affirmed COVID-19 cases was 152,238, an expansion of 507 from the earlier day. The quantity of affirmed cases in a single week from the twelfth of this current month was 565 on the twelfth, 452 on the thirteenth, 399 on the fourteenth, 373 on the fifteenth, 545 on the sixteenth, 540 on the seventeenth, and 507 on the eighteenth.

The quantity of nearby diseases in Korea expanded by 484. Seoul had 197, Gyeonggi 151, and Incheon 21, an increment of 369 in the metropolitan region. In different areas, Busan 9, Daegu 11, Gwangju 1, Daejeon 12, Ulsan 11, Sejong 1, Gangwon 9, Chungbuk 19, Chungnam 7, Jeonbuk 3, Jeonnam 4, Gyeongbuk 10 , Gyeongnam 12, and Jeju 6.

As indicated by the major new group disease cases delivered by Bang Dae-bon the other day, 11 new affirmed cases identified with caf├ęs were affirmed in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul by 12:00 on the seventeenth. At the Yongsan-gu singing practice region, 12 individuals were recently contaminated. 15 affirmed cases identified with the Suwon Architecture Office in Gyeonggi Province were likewise affirmed. In Suwon Elementary School’s lounge, 12 new cases were affirmed. Six individuals were likewise contaminated in a PC room in Buk-gu, Daegu. In Buk-gu, Ulsan, 19 individuals were affirmed in a sauna.

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There were 23 affirmed cases imported from abroad. During the isolate cycle, 10 individuals were affirmed, and 13 individuals were affirmed during isolate. By identity, there are 14 Koreans and 9 outsiders. By nation of inflow, 7 individuals from the Philippines, 2 from India, 4 from Indonesia, 3 from the United Arab Emirates, 2 from Russia, 1 from Nepal, 1 from Thailand, 1 from Afghanistan, 1 from Turkey, and 1 from South Africa.

On the eighteenth, the quantity of fundamentally sick or genuinely sick patients was 149, a lessening of 7 from the earlier day. The loss of life expanded by two, carrying the absolute to 1996. The quantity of affirmed cases under isolate and treatment is 6,426, a reduction of 282 from the earlier day.

As per the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, the quantity of individuals who got the main portion by 00:00 on the fourteenth was 1,423,045, an increment of 412,987 from the earlier day. The immunization rate comparative with the populace was 27.7%. The quantity of immunizations created by AstraZeneca and Oxford University in the UK was 9,747,742, and the quantity of antibodies created by Pfizer and Biontech was 3.424837. Johnson and Johnson’s auxiliary Janssen created 1,067,466 antibodies. Immunization of Janssen antibody is finished with one vaccination. The quantity of individuals who finished the inoculation was 3,884,710, an expansion of 127,643 from the earlier day.


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